An Unexpected Kindness Can Change The World
Give When There Is No Hope Of Getting Back


Mid Afternoon on November 20th, 2008 Chris Norman found his way, finally free of his terrestrial bonds.

Later that same night, thinking about all the things he shared and lessons he wanted to provide, I settled on FORGIVENESS.

At that moment, I felt the brush of a hand at the small of my back.

So I think I got it right.

Open your hearts and minds and let a little of his light shine in. Chris has much love to share. Be joyful.

"It is impossible to be grateful and not be happy." - Chris Norman


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"What I Have Learned"

By Chris H. Norman

An Exerpt :

"The reality is we own our thoughts and feelings. No one, no thing, no circumstance, can make us feel anything. We are free souls with our lives to do with what we want.  It is a gift from our creator – it is our heritage."   (A sample chapter)


“This is a beautiful, beautiful book.  Chris Norman writes from a place that meditating monks and ascetics aspire to but few arrive at...the essence of pure being.  We are all born into this state, but seem to lose it along the way. As we read Chris's words, his perceptions and  images awaken that state of pure being to us.  We "see" the world around us with fresh eyes, teeming with life, love, meaning, and goodness, all shining and new.  What a gift!

-JOHN MAXWELL TAYLOR, Author of " The Power of I AM: Creating a New World of Enlightened Personal Interaction"

“The Grateful Road is a wake up call to fully appreciate the life we have been given and all of the chapters that we pass through on the journey.”

-CAROLINE SUTHERLAND, Author of "The Body Knows"

"The Grateful Road comes straight from the heart of one who knows the joy of life. In direct and simple yet eloquent language, Chris Norman shares the way he found how to live by active love.  I feel richer for having read his infallible guidelines."

-WALTER STARCKE, Author of “Homesick for Heaven” & “The Ultimate Revolution”

"Spiritual energy soars in this book!  With simplicity, sincerity and great love, Chris Norman has captured the essence of what he calls the “forever lessons” of life and Life.  These are the lessons that all of us are here to learn and to live.  Chris’ thoughts are a profound and deeply meaningful gift—not only to his children Charlie and Clemie, but also to everyone who reads this exquisitely written treasure."

-MICHAEL C. RANN & ELIZABETH RANN ARROTT, Authors of "Shortcut to a Miracle"

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A Portion of the Proceeds is Pledged to Helping Others with ALS


On October 5th of 2007 the author was diagnosed with ALS, more familiarly known as 'Lou Gehrig's Disease'.

For him, with this news came a great gift; the gift of time, quantity unknown, but at least some amount of time, to be able to communicate with loved ones and friends in a more meaningful way than he ever would have otherwise.

With an acute awareness of this precious gift of time came something unexpected; an irrepressible outpouring of thoughts and ideas that flowed too rapidly to be conscious or planned.

Below is a link to a slide presentation that is the product of this paroxysm of creativity and communication; it is the work of one single sleepless night soon after his diagnosis.


Please click on the link below and select 'open'. It will take a minute or two to buffer.

What I Have Learned

A presentation by the author set to the music "Romanza", a PowerPoint Document which you can save to your computer if you wish.


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I have learned that what we learn is for eternity, as we are forever beings.

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